Problem with Author



Hello, I am not sure where else to find help… hopefully someone can assist.

I purchased a wordpress theme and I have reported 2 issues in the past 7 months regarding the implementation of video in sliders. the first time the slider would stop once it reached a slide which had a vimeo/youtube item it and would not continue past it.

I created a support ticket and they said they had repaired it and linked to

I followed their instructions and it appeared to work.

7 Months later I discover that videos now will only play for the duration of the slide interval. I contact their support and they post exactly the same response and same pastebin script as before.

that was a few days before my Support Expired… Now they dont respond. Even though they didnt resolve the issue.

I have been testing this issue, i did a fresh install of wordpress, recreated the situation using latest version of theme from their website… exactly the same issue can be created in a barebones fresh installation. Their Theme has an problem.

I rolled back the wordpress install, incase it was something with the latest update, rolled back to 4.1.5 even… same issue.

According to the Envato website … “Authors are expected to keep the item in good working order, working as described and protected against major security issues”


I am not sure where to turn…