Can anyone help with WP video contest plugin?

1- search bar seems to search all other fields but not searching field “Author” field where video author/uploader puts their name. How can we make this work correctly? Pic attached

2- How can I turn off the search bar so it doesn’t display at all?

3- Is there a setting or way to allow people to upload videos and not be forced to register as WP user or as Video Contest Plugin user? Reason being is I want people to upload more than one video without the need to have a username and password that seems to be automatically generated by the plugin. That would be ok as long as they don’t have to use a login to upload the next video. If they try to upload a second video with same performer name and same email the plugin forces them to find the auto generated/emailed username and password to upload another video. we just want same user to enter as many as they like with no login/password etc.

Hi @nowchinatown,

Please contact the author of your purchased Item, the author will assist you.

How to contact an author to get support or for any technical query:


Used the authors official support first that is included with purchase but no reply. Then tried long time with Envato support emailing/ contacting author to get reply and author not replying. Would love if they did but they do not. Any other suggestions welcome.

I’m available for freelance work/paid support if you’re interested in.

Some references: