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Many congratulations to all our winners in our recent “How to…” Videos contest. We invited our community to submit ideas and helpful videos that would assist Envato Market buyers. Our judges have reviewed all the entries and we can now reveal all our winners who will be sharing part of the massive $5,000 prize fund courtesy of PayPal!

Grand Prize Winner > Best Overall Video > $500

(& Best Video for GraphicRiver Buyers > $500)

How to work with Smart Objects

By SpaceStockFootage


Runner-up > Best Overall Video > $500

(& Best Video for ThemeForest > $500)

How to install a WordPress Theme Purchased from ThemeForest

By CleanAndSimple


Best Video for CodeCanyon Buyers > $500

How To Install Plugins In WordPress

By Creatives_corner


Best Video for VideoHive Buyers > $500

How to extend an After Effects Project

By SpaceStockFootage


Best Video for AudioJungle Buyers > $500

How to use a Music Kit

By sixthtulip


Best Video for PhotoDune Buyers > $500

How to Resize Images in Photoshop

By SpaceStockFootage



Best Community Ideas/Suggestions > (10 x $100)

Each winner below wins $100 for their ideas and suggestions for potential videos.
  • ShapingRain
  • PixelartDev
  • surjithctly
  • thezoc
  • cristiandrei
  • kiframes
  • Burnhambox
  • RongBeRong
  • MbrEffects

Well done again to all our winners and a massive thank you to everyone who submitted ideas and videos! We'll be in touch with all our winners very soon!

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Congratulations guys! well deserved :+1:

@scottwills, just a heads up, the last YouTube video needs to be embedded properly.


Thanks, @OsamaSayegh, looks like Discourse doesn’t like the way WordPress handles videos, now fixed in the forums, good catch! :smile:


Hahaha, I am here today, also . :sunglasses:
Congratulations guys !


Yay… happy days! I thought I might be in with a chance, but not to win the grand prize, or a bunch of other prizes. I’m usually always the bridesmaid, never the bride! Congrats to all the other winners!


Woo congrats guys! I forgot about this. Was going to make a video for the new Envato Market plugin.


Yayyy !!! Feeling happy. It was the first time i took part in any envato challenge and i am glad to be one of the winners. Congratulation to everyone .


Wow congrat !! Good job!


Wow , great news :tada:
Congrats to all the other winners :smiley:

Me after checking the forums this morning:


Congrats! First round of Christmas drinks are on @SpaceStockFootage :wink:


Congrats, guys! Nice videos :wink:


Congrats to the Winners!


Thanks to the organizers and participants, I congratulate all the winners!
Scott, how do I get a prize? Where can I specify the Pay Pal information to receive the prize?


You had to specify your Paypal address when filling in the entry form, so it should get sent to that automatically within a week or two. Then the parties can commence… :smiley:


Congratulations! Great videos! :+1:


I’m sorry, I mistakenly wrote an account email on the AudioJungle. For PayPal I should specify another email. It can be fixed?


Scott says he’ll be in touch with the winners very soon, so hopefully you should be able to change it then. I’ll flag your post though, just to be on the safe side.


Hi @sixthtulip! Please send me a PM with your preferred address you’d like to use. :thumbsup:

@SpaceStockFootage I forgot to mention - the otter references in your PhotoDune video was very funny. :slight_smile:


Wooooow , Thank’s a lot guys
i’m very happy because of this great news !
many congrats to other winners too …

Thank’s ENVATO :heart:


Thank you so much, have a nice weekend! :slight_smile: