Price Differs on Invoice but why?

Hey there!
I realized that my item purchase prices are printed with some discounts on invoice.
For an example the listing price is $12 but the invoice says price is $8 and also gets a $3 fee on Envato.
So the item is being sold for $12 but I get $5 at the end.

What is wrong? Am I missing a point?

  • Author fee = $4
  • Whatever your commission rate is.

This is why I do not understand the thinking behind $5 tracks.

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Sadly the item total sale price is $12… The numbers doesn’t match either with tax or etc.

When you put a lower price, you earn less; the rest is the same (tax, envato fees, etc).
You are the only one who get less money.

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I did not understand your words. The item price is $12 but the system shows $8 and cuts fee $3 in total I get only $5. I did not change and price or etc. The system determines the prices anyway.

Buyer fee = $4
Your commission rate = $3

$12 - $4 - $3 = $5.

Imagine what the financial breakdown on a $5 track looks like.

Buyer fee always remains the same regardless of selling price.

Wow. that is the first time I see the term “buyer fee”… What is the deal with the buyer then? Is it a promo code or etc?

It’s the fee Envato chargers every buyer, and it’s included in your list price. I had the same wow reaction when i realized that I’ll be making only a few dollars from my 18$ something list price… :smiley:

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but do not authors read T&C of this marketplace as it would avoid much disappointment and “nasty surprises”.

That is weird even short durated items are uploaded on Logo&Ident part are determined by Review team on Music section for $4 fee instead of $2…

After many years, I realize the tricky face of the Envato and suprised sadly anyway… I was certainly feeling better without this enlightenment anyway!

When you set the price of your item - you have breakdown of all fees in your price. Also you have questions marks to explain every detail there, so it is quite open here.

Music tracks - buyer fee = $4
Logo & Idents - buyer fee = $2
SFX - buyer fee = $0

The best part of this conversation is the buyer fee enlightenment in my brain.
And also I haven’t regulated any price yet in my portfolio, it is the first time also that I could set the prices manually. Thanks guys.

Choosing your own prices was introduced last year (August) - time to make up for lost time (and revenue).