Have envato prices changed?


Hi just sold an item for $3, then get $2 for that item and then a further $0.75 fees and then $0.56 taxes so I’ve only made $0.69 for that item, that can’t be right? and how come am paying taxes in america for? I’m from the UK.

Cheers Luke


Go to your settings tab—>tax information. Fill the W8 form with your UTR or NI number in the FTIN field, and you’ll be exempted from the US tax.


Thanks for the reply

How come I only got $2 for the item tho? when it it sold for $3.


It’s been that way for quite some time. There’s the list price that the buyer pays, and then the item price, which is the list price minus the buyer fee. The buyer fee is 20% of the list price… unless you’re on GraphicRiver which I’m guessing is the case, as the buyers fee is a set amount (from $1 up) based on the category of your item. The amount you see on your statement page is always the item price, rather than the list price, and the amount that is then subtracted from that, is the author fee.