Portfolio Review Queue

I’ve got a question to peeps that have recently regained access to the uploader.

  1. When did you recieve the 1st e-mail (accepted or not)
  2. When did you recieve the 2nd e-mail (uploading access and item limit)

I’ve submitted my portfolio to review somewhere in the middle of february. I’ve recieved the 1st mail on 06.03 but I’m still waiting for the 2nd one. I’d like to know where I’m at now and when could I expect regaining access to the uploading process.

hi u mean “item”, right? not portfolio, is that it? because the portfolio is not to be submitted and is made of a collection of items lol

@n2n44 No. He means portfolio. Not item. He submited portfolio and waiting for an answer.
@Modzelewski The best way is contact suport team

so, how? and what for pls? i would like to understand …

Those times are over when in order to become a seller, you just had to upload your item. Now the author must go through something like an exam, presenting his portfolio. And if Envato approves the portfolio, the author will be allowed to upload his items. Also, each author is assigned a download limit. If I’m not mistaken, this only applies to Stock Footages. But maybe Motion Graphics are also included in this sistem. I’m not sure

thank u for the very interesting reply, i had no idea about this … for applying to join there are pros and cons, not sure that this is the right way to do , especially if all is handled like their main rival … otherwise, for the upload limit this is good if they did , but judging by what i see in the flyer category i guess that it was not applied to my category then … with some guys uploading, 6, 7, 8 items per day and ending up with 3000+ items …

It was not applied in GR at all. As I said, it’s only on VH. And not in all VH categories

oh ok thanks for the information, sorry i had failed to understand …

Hi, I have received a first mail (approval of portfolio, letting me know of having access soon). It was around 2 months after I filled out the form I think.

I never recieved a second mail but I had access to the uploader shortly (few days) after the first mail.