Popular items !

Does anybody have had a “weekly top seller track” since the algorithm had been changed ?
(beside the featured one of course)
Is it still possible?
in my opinion (quiet new here) it looks like mount everest now ! :mount_fuji::evergreen_tree::snowflake::sheep:

Yeah, it’s definitely feeling like Mount Everest now.

I’ve seen a couple of new items enter the list in the 3 months since the change, but I have to say on the whole it’s looking a bit dire lately. I have no idea why a request to reduce title weighting in search resulted in such an aggressive change and bias towards top sellers…

Nevertheless, if we want to stay competitive here, we’ll have to adapt and make the most of the new system :rocket:

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100% agree ! ready to climb ?! :mountain_cableway:

Sure am :sunglasses:

Hopefully they are working on a better search algorithm so I think patience is the key, im sure AJ has took on board all the complaints and will make it a fairer system in the future, hopefully soon!

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Yes , this is the state of mind to be in !

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