How the new Search Algorithm engine effects Weekly Top Sellers

80% of the weekly top sellers items are the best sellers of all time.
That is no way to encourage competition.

I really hope that someone from ENVATO cares about it :frowning:


Recently 2 new items uploaded and 0 sales…Track no visible on search result, only tracks with 2000 sales etc…This is not good because new content will not have a chance to enter top new files or popular files and even have a single sale at the time of aproving…Something must be done.


I think the solution is to get rid of those top seller lists because they perpetuate sales that create unfair competitive advantages. I don’t think it’s the search engine. It’s likely that a lot of new customers just go straight there because you can’t miss the links to the top sellers as they are everywhere you turn. If you haven’t been here before, you may want to see what kind of quality is here and head to the best sellers before the search engine.

It would be more fair to just have a rotating featured artist list where everyone could be eligible. The top seller list gives those files and their authors free premium exposure outside of the search engine. I’m willing to be the top selling monthly authors don’t actually need the search engine at all.

As for Envato caring about whose music sells, I doubt it. They just want the sales.

Well, it’s been like that for years so you can hardly blame the NEW algorithm for that… It’s the entire structure of the site, which goes back to the beginning. But I do agree that top items shouldn’t be so actively pushed at buyers. On the other hand, had I had 2-3 items on that list I would of course feel very differently about the situation…

Quite the opposite, that is the very reason people flock to AJ to sell. Hope. They see how much you can sell and make.

You’re right that many of those tracks have been there for years. However, if you observe carefully you’ll see that ever since the new algorithm was implemented, several older tracks that haven’t been on the charts for at least 10 months, are now back on the charts. What’s the problem with that, you ask? Older items gradually falling off the charts is an organic process that occurs whenever new items enter the charts. It also makes for a more fresh and dynamic list - it’s a weekly top seller list, not a “best selling files of all time” list. A track has its lifespan, and how long this lasts is dependent on its overall quality, but also time.

The thing is, it’s so painfully obvious why once you see how the we search actually works. It’s also clear that things are not working in a balanced way. Believe it or not, despite the title issue, it was very possible to reach the list for new tracks, and the best of the older tracks still made healthy sales. In my opinion, the prior algorithm was a better system overall - even if we had to use generic one-word titles (which by the way wasn’t even resolved in this new update anyway)

The only way to legitimately reach the list now, is with a track entitled Happy or Epic - terms which for some reason (of which I’m glad) haven’t been changed. This is also reflected in the Top New files list. Have a look.


I fail to understand how a system that makes it next to impossible for new items to gain any sales traction is a positive development. Prior to the search algorithm change, new tracks with early sales were rewarded with a visible spot on the front page of the search results, allowing them to build momentum. Now, new items have almost zero chance of reaching a viable position.

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That is correct. But that wasn’t what I commented on and nowhere did I say it was a positive development…

I have new tracks titled “Epic” and “Happy” and I’m not listed :slightly_smiling:

I think the only way is about keep work hard and improving our tracks quality, sales will happen sooner or later.

Also true, but this discussion is specifically referring to the search engine update :wink:

Without a properly functioning search engine, you can have the best track in the world and still not sell. It’s about our new tracks being visible for their respected search terms. Right now a new track released under the affected search terms will debut on page 4+, which, in my opinion is unreasonable.

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Do we have a list of the exact terms affected? Like a complete list.

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No. We weren’t given an exact list - just a general statement saying some of the popular terms had changed. It’s easy to see which were tweaked though - just search and look at the results page. If it’s loaded with top sellers, it was changed. If it’s a combination of mostly new items and some popular files then it wasn’t changed.

The tweaked terms I’ve noticed so far are: Inspiring, Motivational, Corporate, Upbeat, Rock, Cinematic, Trailer, Fun, Pop. Unfortunately they’re some of the most searched terms. There could be more.

So far the only unaffected most popular terms I’ve seen are Happy and Epic - prepare to see a lot of those tracks if this doesn’t change soon :slightly_smiling:

True, nowhere did you explicitly say that it was a positive development. And perhaps “development” was not the best word choice. But implicitly? I’ve noticed a pattern in your commentary across several of the threads dealing with this issue, and you are one of the very few people who consistently deny the new search algorithm’s detrimental effect on sales.

Yes, Happy is a very useful title right now, no top sellers in the search results, newer items only. I think this is a part of the big famous test. I am very curious what the “data will say” when they finally collect all of it.

Meanwhile I changed the titles of my latest items to something that acually means something to me and I have to say I feel like my music immediately started to sound better without the idiotic titles :slight_smile: If this kills my business on AJ, so be it. I have no energy any more to put into this title / search nonsense.

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Hmm, I am not a top-seller, but a few of items from 0 till 15+ sales are on the front page, if you will type in search something which is relevant to this items.

I see it has become a big discussion (also the other thread), which will be settled by Envato after testing etc… (I’m sure). Everybody is focused on the results of the search. Maybe there’s the key or entrance to the solution. Give the buyers (searchers) the oportunity to search in (more) different ways. If they can search in more ways, the outcome will be different. For instance: entry of more keywords in search, entry of more specific searches in duration, mood, instruments etc…
Just a tiny little suggestion of my part to add to the discussion.


I don’t have much more to add, only to say I completely agree that the best seller bias is unfair. I’m sure there must be some psychological incentive for people to but popular things (music charts would exist otherwise eh?).

The thing is though, on say eBay or something where someone with little to no sales would be possibly suspicious, we’re dealing with digital items which are all distributed from the same servers.

I’ve listened to loads of tracks that are brilliant but have no sales; surely if you were buying you’d be looking for a track that hasn’t been used by countless others? Make your product sound more unique?

Obviously I’m musically biased myself, but still makes me think…

There is a shocking lack of variety on AJ. I am speaking more as a video editor than audio creator. When I am editing and looking for tracks on here I find the themes/sounds in most categories depressingly similar. Now applying my own experience uploading media I think they let too narrow of a style through generally which produces even more of the same sounding stuff. To bring this on topic, that overarching problem of track similarity per category combined with the new search criteria means as an audio creator there is little way to differentiate and as an editor there is little opportunity to differentiate so might as well pick something that has sold well before. (That being said I try to find things that are not top sellers when editing in hopes of not reminding viewers of videos I made that they might have heard this track before, but I think I am likely the exception.)


I noticed that when I first signed up here, so many tracks use the exact same formula and the exact same sounds, it’s a bit disappointing from a producer’s pov.

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How this new search algorithm works? What is the order of importance Tags, Description, Title? I missed the update, someone can give me an official link?