Popular Files for each category?

Looking at the popular files page on themeforest - 80% of the files there are multi-purpose themes, maybe it’s better to create a separate popular files page for each category. I am a theme author but once in a wild I need to help my friend to setup some basic website and it’s really hard to find a currently popular niche theme, I think having a separate popular files page for each top category will be beneficial for those niche authors, this will allow us to be separated from absurd amount of same priced multi-purpose themes. What do you think guys?

It could be a niche theme with some multipurpose options, there isn’t really a clear fine line between “multipurpose” and “not-multipurpose”. So very tricky to filter out

How about sort by sales and filter by price then? Like this : http://themeforest.net/search?utf8=✓&term=&view=list&sort=sales&date=&price_min=39&price_max=39&sales=rank-4&rating_min=