Question about theme category in Themeforest

Hi All,

Right now I develop a new theme (one page) and it will be published in marketing category.

Can I expand the theme like adding new pages and styles and submit it in site templates like multipurpose template with same name? Are there some restrictions about this like one theme can be submited only 3 or 4 times in different categories?

Thanks in advice.

You will be very lucky to get it approved again just as a multi page version and would greatly increase your chance of approval to submit both the one and multi page version as a single item in the first place.

The only times that variations of the same file are approved usually require substantial differences in functionality and feature e.g bespoke commerce integration etc. that distinguishes both versions.

It’s worth remembering that this is not common to have happen and it tends to really confuse and potentially piss off buyers.

While it may seem to be a good way to earn more - there’s a reason why most of the big selling items and authors don’t do it and you could very easily be more detrimental than focusing attention on one extended item.

Thanks! :slight_smile: