Need Suggest some Idea of Design & Develop new WordpressTheme

Welcome To All Envato Community Members. i am a professional web developer.i have lots of Experiance about wordpress theme design & developed. now a days i have know about this marketplace.please suggest me Which Category theme for accept this market & buyers.

my profile link :

need suggest?

It doesn’t matter what category you go with as long as the file is high enough quality.

Probably multi purpose sell a lot but if you get a niche product right then it could be a huge success.

The worst thing you can focus on when producing files for here is:

  1. Speed and pushing it out ASAP
  2. Quick earning/sales

Success here takes time and commitment

thank u for reply charlie4282.i think wordpress job board theme? tell me someting?

It’s niche - there are a few on here that have been done very well.

I’d probably suggest beginning with something simpler no matter how experience you are but it’s more about what you are comfortable with

i will try more.thanks