Podcast licence/ total download details

Good afternoon,

Sorry to post but I’ve spent an hour trying to work this out!

I know I can buy a licence for a piece of music to use in my podcast series, and I know I can use that same piece in the same series for up to a year (or 52 episodes).

Where I get confused is with the 10 000 download limit on the standard licence. Is this 10 000 per episode or over the entire course of the series during that year?

Also, is there any clarity on what constitutes a download. Many people listen to a podcast without downloading it. Or are they simply referring to the number of people who listen to a podcast, however they access it?

Thanks a lot for any help!


Regarding your first question there is no explicit answer in the terms. It remains open to interpretation, as it is often the case with legal documents, and you could argue both ways.

As to what constitute a download, it is my understanding that streaming would be excluded from that definition. In the case of a podcast, a download would be if a user actually downloads the podcast so that it can be accessed offline.

Sorry for not being more assertive, but you’ll only get opinions and conjectures on the forums. For a more binding answer you’ll want to ask support.

thank you very much for your reply. Another thought comes to mind - when you have a music pack, is the licence for the whole pack or just for one piece of it?

Not sure I understand your question, but all items in a pack may be used under the license terms. Sorry if that’s not what you meant.

I’m really sorry, you are right it wasn’t clear. Say I buy the licence for a pack and there are five songs. Can I use all five in one podcast under the same licence, or does the licence cover using just one of the songs in the pack for any single project?

All tracks in the package have one common license.

To my knowledge there is nothing that prohibits you from using several tracks of a same pack within a single project.

Music tracks bought as part of a pack can be used under the same terms as music tracks bought as single items. Whether you use them in a same end-product or in separate projects is entirely up to you, as long as you abide by the terms.