what license to choose when buying a piece of music for a podcast

hi, does a ‘music standard’ license allow me to use a piece of music in a podcast? Is a podcast considered a broadcast? Is a podcast consisting of numerous episodes considered to be one end product? Does the 10,000 download limit apply to the podcast as a whole or to each episode??


A podcast is not considered a broadcast. In Envato’s terms, broadcast refers to TV and (traditional) Radio broadcasting. It doesn’t apply in your case.

The end product would be the podcast episode, not the podcast itself. However there is a “series policy” that allows you to use one license for up to 52 episodes of a same series, within a year.

It is my understanding than the 10 000 limit applies to the end-product and thus to one episode. Were this limit to be reached, you would then need to upgrade your license to the Mass Reproduction license.

Thanks so much! So I’m good to go? With the license I enquired about?

Yes, you’ll be good for 52 episodes within one year. Episode 53 would require a new license, season 2 (one year from first installment) would require a new license.

If your podcast gets more than 10,000 downloads, the Mass Reproduction license would be required.