Plugin recommendation for gallery/inventory/catalogue

Hey all hoping you can point me in the right direction.
I am looking for a WP plugin

I want to set up an inventory/gallery/portfolio pretty much what I’m after is the same as what the Sortly app offers but on my website. It does not need to have customer access As it will just be for me.
To provide some context – I make custom cookies and have many many cookie cutters, stencils etc.
essentially I want to create a catalogue of all the different items I have and then add a photo of each item but also add photos of past works made with that item.
Then – if a customer asks for example for a beach related cookie theme > I can search beach and/or summer and everything related will come up.
Will need the following features as a minimum: item, multiple photos, categories, tags

Any recommendations?

Sortly app is pretty much exactly what I need but I cannot justify the cost as would need a paid version.
I thought having a WP plug-in would be the best alternative?

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Amazing thanks I’ll have a look into this

I think i might go with the above if there is no other suggestions.