Looking for a certain type image gallery plugin

Could I get a few suggestions for an Image Gallery Plugin?
I’m taking over a site that has literally thousands of old pictures of American Professional football players. The site was actually started in the late 90s with just straight up HTML and has never been upgraded.
Well I want to use Wordpress and some plugins and make a Image Gallery with it. I’ve looked at probably 20 free plugins and I have yet to find what I’m looking for.
The biggest problem I’m finding is a configurable way to navigate and categorize so many images. I need albums and galleries, or sub-albums or sub-galleries or whatever is equivalent. I would also like to be able to create galleries with filtered tags. Almost every image will be able to be tagged with at least 2-3 tags. I need something that can sort and filter through so many different tags.
Thumbnail cropping is highly desirable as well as allowing uploading of new images by users.
Any suggestions are welcome at this point.

hi there,

have you found a photogallery which allows you to filter the photos to your needs?

i’m for a plugin/theme that allows me to filter the photos based on one or several filter criterias. so basically i’m talking about filters which are used usually in onlineshops like i.e. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/buy/Digital-Cameras/ci/9811/N/4288586282 . so i wonder if i’ll find a “gallery” plugin/theme or i should go for a shop solution like woocommerce http://themes.fuelthemes.net/?theme=north and deactivate the shop functionalities?

an example:
there are photos in the categories sports, nature and portraits
the photo-taken-year is another filter

i would like to be able to apply several filters at the same time:
i.e. display all photos taken in 2015 and the category nature
i.e. display all photos taken in 2014 of the categories sports and portraits

the portfolios/galleries i’ve seen so far provide only one filter criteria at the time, regardles weather one has maintained several values in the filters like categories/skills/tags…

i could imagine checkboxes or clickable buttons to select/deselect a filter criteria.

there should also be a grouping of filters allowed so that the user can create his own queries/views:

Years (filter group title)
all select/unselect
2016 select/unselect
2015 select/unselect
2014 select/unselect

categories (filter group title)
all select/unselect
sports select/unselect
nature select/unselect
portraits select/unselect

the groups could be created manually, but as well some automatically by the system (i.e. size, format, resolution etc.).

do you have any recommondation for me?

thanks and regards


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I did find something I think will work. I’m still learning how to implement it, but I found a plugin called justified Image Grid here at Envato. $29. It’s got a boat-load of features for filtering that i’m still learning but I think in the long run it will work. Another plugin I found was one called Media Library Assistant. It adds some custom taxonomies that really expand the tagging options. But again, the learning curve is pretty steep, at least for me. And there are little if any resources available for learning it. But the little I have accomplished with it is hopeful.
I think these two plugins would be worth you looking into.

thanks for the feedback. yeah, it’s quite surprising to find such a functionality already provided in a plugin or theme without some addional coding needed. i will look at your proposed solutions but also have some other plugins to test. i’ll come back to you with my final decision then…

I am looking for the same thing as @team-geistpunktch and @Philbeaux. Did anyone ever find a plugin or other strategy that worked?

Sorry for taking so long to get back with you. Just now seeing this.

I found the plug-in I mentioned before, Justified Image Grid works really well. It makes creating galleries and displaying them pretty easy. I’m using it in conjunction with 2 other plug-ins, WP-Real Media Library and Media Library Assistant. Real Media Library helps organize your images into folders and in turn, display galleries from those folders. Media Library Assistant, a free plugin, adds tags and categories to further organize your images.
Now, I must mention something about Media Library Assistant…
It’s an incredibly powerful plugin. Adding tags and categories is just one thing it does. You can create entire galleries with it. The problem is it’s extremely technical. I don’t know you’re level of knowledge when it comes to such things as PHP and Wordpress and Website development but I’m very much lacking in those fields. To use it to it’s full potential requires a pretty high learning curve. Fortunately, adding tags and categories is pretty simple and the developer is very active on the MLA forum at Wordpress.org providing help.
Hope this helps.