(photo)gallery with multiple applicable filters

hi there

i’m looking for a plugin/theme that allows me to filter the photos based on one or several filter criterias. so basically i’m talking about filters which are used usually in onlineshops like i.e. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/buy/Digital-Cameras/ci/9811/N/4288586282 . so i wonder if i’ll find a “gallery” plugin/theme or i should go for a shop solution like woocommerce http://themes.fuelthemes.net/?theme=north and deactivate the shop functionalities?

an example:
there are photos in the categories sports, nature and portraits
the photo-taken-year is another filter

i would like to be able to apply several filters at the same time:
i.e. display all photos taken in 2015 and the category nature
i.e. display all photos taken in 2014 of the categories sports and portraits

the portfolios/galleries i’ve seen so far provide only one filter criteria at the time, regardles weather one has maintained several values in the filters like categories/skills/tags…

i could imagine checkboxes or clickable buttons to select/deselect a filter criteria.

there should also be a grouping of filters allowed so that the user can create his own queries/views:

Years (filter group title)
all select/unselect
2016 select/unselect
2015 select/unselect
2014 select/unselect

categories (filter group title)
all select/unselect
sports select/unselect
nature select/unselect
portraits select/unselect

the groups could be created manually, but as well some automatically by the system (i.e. size, format, resolution etc.).

do you have any recommondation for me?

thanks and regards