Wordpress Gallery with specific features needed...

I want a simple gallery but no one seems to make it how I want it. I am looking for the ability to set unlimited categories. I want to categorise sizes, so 250x250 is one category, 500x500 is another and so on.

I don’t want light boxes, I don’t want thumbnails or resizes images. I just want the original files to be displayed in their retrospective categories so in a nice format as the images were designed to be shown as, showing X amount per page with ‘next’ and ‘previous’ links.

I would like the choice whether or not to link the banners to a custom link or leave them with no link but this is no essential. I do not want them to link to the same image in a blank page as some galleries seem to do.

The idea is for a gallery of banner adverts in all shapes and sizes, any advice, suggestions, ideas very welcome.

Do you know a gallery that does what I am looking for?


I understood your requirements, only ask you to answer a detail question when we start to discuss. I don’t know an existing gallery that does what you are looking for but can program a custom solution.

Please add me on Skype - csswebsite - if you are interested.