Please tell me why I continue to reject my logo designs.

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hi, first of all , sorry to say just this but this logo has much of a deja vu side to say the least …, this is nicely presented with the mockup, colorful and / or harmonious in terms of colors and very adaptable too , though , u need to improve some things and need to manage to introduce some original touches to make it kind more unique indeed. Otherwise, the typo that u have at this stage is too flat … this is lacking once originality once again and lacking variations and font combinations …typo is much an issue here , even for logos and being aware of this is very important for u to understand … finally u have some execution problems , like one between the blue and yellow parts … the shape is not even and this is ruining your work as such, just fix it and it will be ok :slight_smile:


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u are welcome if u have enough clues, pls check the “solution” box :slight_smile:

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