Rejected Logo Design, please help me


I have a few questions about my logo design that got rejected.
What did I do wrong?
How can I change it to be accepted?
What’s your opinion about it?

Waiting for your responses and thank you



hi for me your logos are not good , they are just amazing , hard to tell u what is supposed not to be ok , then … maybe the right thing to do for u would be to put a little bit more originality in the typo, apart from this, i do not know what else u could do …

I don’t know which part is wrong, too many my original design just rejected, can you help me i’m so bad. :frowning:

dam ur good man nothing wrong with u! what u need to ask is whats wrong with this market :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

are you seriously mate :rofl::joy:, this is big problem for designer, i’m so bad about graphicriver :persevere::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

and I see a lot of generic logos in graphicriver, i’m speechless.

yes indeed sometimes that happens, we can’t measure which one is called generic and which one is considered extraordinary, it depends on who sees it and what kind of taste it has, but for this problem maybe what they need more, keep up the the good work and cheers! :slight_smile:

it is hard to identify what is the standard sometimes, and in particular for the logo section whihc is probably the toguhest one