Logo, has been rejected

This is two of my work, and they all are rejected.
Pplease gift your advice to my work and me to be better

hi where are the concerned 2 logos? i see only one … as for the logo , this is globally decent in my view but the typo part is really really plain and this is lacking of everything , starting with relief and inch , in my view. I guess that adding some variations, font combinations and possibly some touches of originality would not hurt and would really bring something more to the table. As for me u have a real issue of imbrication otherwise, as the positioning of separated elements is far from great. At the moment, all the elements look hardly connected to say the least , they rather look like being pasted right next to each other rather than being a part of a whole, not to mention that i see nothing inspiring a sort of continuity in terms of shapes between the illustration and the text parts. I am also not sure , as it maybe due to the mockup indeed, but i have the feeling that all elements are not really aligned well. If so this would be a major mistake as this is a basic design principle (but once again, maybe this is just a feeling resulting from the mockup)