Please take 3 minutes for my survey about templates, I've had zero answers yet, Thanks !!


Hey guys !

I’m a french student and I’m conducting research about the use of templates in the video industry. I need the feedback of pros, it would be very precious to me ! I count on your kindness ! :heart_eyes:

Thank you so much to those who will take part on the survey, you’re my heroes !

PS: I’m a procrastinator, so this is kind of urgent…


Still zero answers, is something wrong with my post ? Thanks for telling me so I can do something about it !
Thank you :slight_smile:


Many thanks to the 2 persons who answered, I was so happy !
Up !


Up again, I need more than 2 answers, please tell me about your habits when using templates, easy questions ! Fast survey !


maybe i’m wrong but…
we are creating templates. we do not use them =)
*the most of people on this forum


Good point, thank you St Denis. I assumed the Envato community was a mix of authors and buyers but it makes sense that mostly authors would want to spend time sharing their experiences…I did have 4 participants wich I’m really grateful for !
Thanks for your answer St denis.


I also filled the survey, I hope it helps you :wink:
I work since 2003 on various video projects with someone who has a video studio, while being a developer, so I hope it’s relevant.:smiley:


Thank you so much Greenline, it does help a lot ! I’m feeling joyfull now :slight_smile:


UP ! Please, I need a few more answers…thanks in advance, I’d be really grateful.


Thank you so much to the 2 more people who gave me their precious feedback. this is so useful for me, and interesting ! Have a lovely day.


I filled it in.


Thank you so much SpaceStockFootage ! I really appreciate it :slight_smile:


Answered too .


So great thank you !!