Feedback for my first contribution

Hi Everyone!

I would love to get some feedback and tips for contributing a template.
It is not at all designed or meant for a visual solution, rather a technical solution for a real problem I think could help out a lot of Motion Graphic Designers.

It solved the problem that Emoji Text is not supported in Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.
It is an elaborate setup of scripts and comps to make it as fast and smooth as possible, not a design proposal, I want to leave that to the designers.

Is Envato VideoHive even the place for such a solution or will it always be rejected on the visual quality?

Thank you for your time!


I think that can be very useful. Submit it and see if it gets through. Might be something for the scripts and presets category.

Kind regards,

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Thank you Tobi!
I already did under a different category, I will try again in a week or two under your suggested category, that would make much more sense! :slight_smile:

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If this got rejected in a different category it should not be reuploaded. Reviewer would have moved it to the right category if that was the issue. If you got rejected you need to improve the item before resubmitting.