Item Rejected - constructive comments are appreciated

Hello, I’m Erfan
I’m new to videohive, I got my first item rejected
it’s about 10 3d kinetic typography scenes I worked hard on
I made full color control - duration control - text position controls - zoom in/out
and all expressions are universalized

I got this item rejected and I don’t know why… here’s the preview
Thanks in advance

  1. Empty background
  2. Poor texts
  3. 2005 style typography

Your animation skills are good i liked movements and typography. You can consider to add background and instead of different independent scenes you can connect all of them and make it a stomp style opener.

Thanks brother, I’ll consider your points next time I re-edit this template

Thanks brother for your comment, I really appreciate it
yea it seems the blank BG ain’t working well :slight_smile: , I’ll consider this when I re-edit it
and I liked the idea of connecting the scenes together, I’ll do it

I have a question, is it legal to re-send this template again after editing and updating it or reviewer will consider it spamming?

You are welcome brother it seems against the rules but it depends on two things. One is the reviewer so if project goes to different reviewer i believe it wont be noticed. If it goes to same reviewer again you ll get warning about sending same file if you send it again bla bla bla. Second is which more important is that changes you have made. If you enhance it enough i dont think it ll be a problem doesnt matter if it goes to same reviewer or not. I hope your project get approved. Measselame.

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Sorry if I am bothering u with questions, u seem really helpful
Is it wrong to send the preview of the project with audio has “envato” or “audiojungle” overlays?

No problem at all. You cant include preview audio to project but you can use it in your video preview file. And writing the link of audio file to description is good for collaboration with audiojungle authors also helps customer who wants to buy music.