Two Intems feedback

Hey people.

I have two new items that were rejected and would like your feedback.
Both of them were reviewed only 4hours after I uploaded it (it’s really weird since usually, it takes about a week) and both with the same explanation:

"It’s a bit too simple and doesn’t offer enough value to be considered a professional template project. When you create template project you need to create something that either uses advanced techniques, something that is time-consuming to make and would save a lot of time for the buyer or something that uses advanced visual effects that makes even simple things look outstanding. "

So what’s your take on these? For me, they were time-consuming to make since I spend many hours making them. Not wanting to post other examples, but recently a project was launched by an Elite Author that basically was a rotating text with a CC Radial Fast Blur on it, in something that for sure took like 1hour most to make.

Here are the files and let me know your opinion. Let me point their goals is for Filmmaking usage.

Opening 01 -
Opening 02 -

Hey anyone care to share feedback?