Please review the following issues that occurred

I Need Help Anyone Who Is Able To Explain This? Help Me Please…
This Three Errors

Please review the following issues that occurred

  • WordPress Theme is required
  • ThemeForest Files Included must be set
  • WordPress Theme Your ZIP must contain a single folder at the top level, which will correspond directly with your users’ /YOUR_THEME_NAME/ folder. Top level directories found: assets, inc, lang, templates, woocommerce

I am confiused now. some one help me,
this my how files in my pc,

but when i uplod files i am facing above errors. How can i reslove it.

You can buy a theme wordpress in themeforest for see how example folders. Sorry I canno’t help you explain because I am not good write english.

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Hi @Smart_Technolgy_Solutions,

  1. Thumbnail.jpg/.png should go to Thumbnail field
  2. Theme Preview field: if you have only one file mean only the main preview image then Theme Preview.jpg/.png rename as large_preview.jpg/.png then make it .zip and use this .zip
  3. Main File(s) field: All files for buyers (include 2 folders: your product files folder + Documentation folder in a folder named matching with your item title then make a zip of the folder) and upload this main zip
  4. WordPress Theme field: installable WordPress Theme make it .zip and use the .zip

Hope this will help.