Urgent Wordpress Theme Upload Help from Succesful Theme Authors



I have some Confusions - Please see this Screencast - http://tinyurl.com/nlu4oap

In the Thumbnail i understand I have to upload a 80 x 80 Thumbnail.
I also understand that I have to upload a Zip files of screenshot.
I also understand the 4th one that I have to upload only the wordpress theme in Zip Format.

I am confused with the Third One - Main Files - Does this means i have to create a separate ZIP folder that will contain -
Theme Files in the Form of Folder and also Zipped Format
HTML Help Doc Folder

And Then all this will be Zipped again into One Zip Bundle. Please correct me if I have some Understanding gap.


Yes, you’re correct. The third one should contain your installable WordPress theme zip file, a documentation and purchased licenses if you have. Also you can include a demo data file.


Hey Crunchmanju,

In the Third Section, You need to Upload What your buyer gets with your WordPress Theme i.e it includes Installable WP theme Licenses, Documentation, etc ! and also in the fourth-section you need to upload only WordPress theme contents !

Hope you UnderStand the Difference !

I’ve noticed your Previous posts, you seemed to work very hard and invested a lot, please share the link of the demo in the forums, so that we can see whats your theme all about after approval !


Artzone13 !


Ok Sure I am uploading it today.


On This page -

This is mentioned -

Create a directory inside your .zip called “Licensing” and place inside it the two .txt files which we provide here for each type of theme.

So I belive in the same main file folder I have to also create a directory/folder by the name of Licensing and place those two files provided by the download link given on the above page. or do I have to create Licensing folder in the theme folder. This is my other Big Confusion.

One the next Line they have also written -
Note: You do not have to do this for WordPress themes. The license details will be automatically attached to WordPress uploads.

However when I downloaded their ZIP it also contained a ZIP file inside form wordpress, which when I unzipped contained two licensing .txt file.