Upload question

I can’t understand the ThemeForest Files Included when i try to upload wordpress theme and also i want to know meaning of ThemeForest Files Included and Columns what should select.
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ThemeForest Files -> are those files you need to include in your theme package (zip)… If you include the PSD, php and html files then select “PSD, PHP and HTML Files”…

Columns -> Select how many columns does your theme supports…

I hope that helps!

Thank you sir, also i want to know about (ZIP file of images (png/jpg) w/ optional text descriptions for display on the site) does this say to create image that describe’s my theme or just screenshot of my theme i don’t understand this.
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Yes just upload a screenshot of your theme… and a preview screenshot like this -> https://image-tf.s3.envato.com/files/195095028/screenshots/1_Preview.__large_preview.png

bro i don’t want to boring you but as i understand i need to create and image that describe my theme so i don’t need to make screenshot of my theme, or does it need to create the image and then also the screenshot’s of each page on my wordpress theme.
Thank you.

it depends on you if you want to add screenshots on each of your theme page… on my themes I only add preview image like the link I attached above…

ok thank you

Sir this is the last question Main files(ZIP - All files for buyers, not including preview images) what does it mean, do i need here to upload the wordpress theme with psd and images or just images, psd and documentation, i know that those question’s are boring you but this is my first time.
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