Cannot upload wordpress theme

Hello while uploading a wp theme to themeforest, I am getting this error.
WordPress Theme is required
WordPress Theme Your ZIP must contain a single folder at the top level, which will correspond directly with your users’ /YOUR_THEME_NAME/ folder. Top level directories found: bootstrap, contents, css, function, icons, images, js, shortcodes, vc_templates, widgets, woocommerce

I have followed approved wp theme structures but not works

The WordPress zip file that you upload has wrong hierarchy, it should by > themeName(folder) > bootstra, contents (other files);

You missed the theme folder in archive (what is with bold text );

My folder structure is like below
-----|-- demo-content (folder)
-----|-- documentation
--------- |-- themeName (folder)
---------------|-- bootstrap, cs,js…

That’s the structure for Main File(s) archive which includes the documentation the theme and other files. You get the error you mentioned in the other archive “WordPress Theme” field you upload with only the theme. In this archive you should have the following structure:
-----|-- themeName
--------|-- bootstrap, cs,js…