Please, l need your help

l was hard rejected last week. AJ rejected my “happy song” here is a link

l made new song and l want to ask all who want to help me for revision. My new song is "her soul"
What are you think? Does this song have a potencial to not be rejected?
Thanks for all honest answers!

  • I do not feel femininity
  • “background” music/effect feels like 80-90s first electronic effects

Hi Milos! I like yiur songs, but needs delete the silence in the first part. I was rejected for that cuestion.

Nice work ! I think it will be better to change bell sound with high piano notes or something more warmer or maybe cut some high and mid-high freq on it and add more reverb on it to make it more softer and airy. And those flanger sound too loud for me. The end of the track is too sharp. Add reverb on the piano at the end and leave a tail.

Hi RBP_music! Do you mean silence in the begining of song?
Thanks for your help !

Hi Grivanov ! Thank you ! l will make changes based on your suggestions !
Thanks again and all best !

Hello WordicaShop ! Thanks for suggestions ! l will change backround effects!

Yes, that silence

Okey, thanks

What are you think? Better now?
Thanks !

This is a beautiful track. You can hear your emotion.

I think the piano potentially brings it to a closer place for buyers.

However, I just have a word of caution:

Don’t place too much importance on being accepted or rejected for a specific song. Really, you should avoid ever obsessing over one single song.

You need to just keep creating. Every piece of work is another lesson solidified. Another level up. Another ability learned. If one of your tracks isn’t accepted, that’s okay. Not everything will be. It would be kinda crazy if everything you ever made was! Embrace the song for what it is and move on.

No one wants to meticulously spend hours editing small pieces of a track like reverb, all the while beating themselves up over it… and not even knowing if it will actually make a difference!

If you really want to make music that has a higher chance to be accepted and sell, spend time listening to what is selling in the genre you’d like to create and become inspired from those.

But even so, you NEVER know what weird thing you create that might be perfect for someone’s project!

Work hard at always improving. But embrace it all. And don’t give up. I’m sure you’ll be accepted very soon, perhaps even for this piece!

Just my 2c. :smiley:


Nice ! I think that low piano chord in first part ( from 0:18-0:35 ) and in final part (from 2:02) must be softer. Second: I think you should add strings part erlier (Start from 0:35) and then develop it more and more except for break part (1:09-1:28).

Words of wisdom right there. Well said, Avery!

I find that whenever I spend too much time agonising over a track in the composing or mixing stage, the end result is never as favourable. This said though, don’t put all your hope into just one track. If it gets rejected, decide whether it’s worth putting in the extra work to have it accepted, or just move on and don’t take it personally!

Also, don’t let the idea of massive sales and hit tracks pollute your creativity! Focus on the music instead. Put your best into each new track, and then move on to the next track. :slight_smile:

Good luck!


Gold words, @ElevateAudio ! :+1:

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I often find the same, @JamesVMusic! The ones where you get lost agonizing almost never feel like your best.

Agreed on the ideas of not getting lost in creating “hit tracks” and massive sales. That mindset is potentially very destructive. Easier said then done of course! I think we all wrestle with that sometimes. :slight_smile:


With your help and suggestions, l think that it’s ready for AJ upload ! :slight_smile:

Hey big improvement - Good luck with it! :thumbsup:

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@LaGrande_Music Thank you vm :smiley:

sounds great! good luck :wink: