hard reject again pls advices

Hi professional people,I got rejected for this and Im confused why,pls who have time to spare and listen to this,tell me where did I go wrong…

From my point of view it’s a good track :). But if it can helps, I think your track maybe was rejected because you are suggesting some kind of dramatic mood from the start with this low and hard chors of the piano… I actually found this cool! …, but this changes “dramatically” from 1:04… the composition turns more uplifting and light, and in my opinion this can be a little confusing for some costumers.
Well,.,. just trying to help. anyway I’m sure you will get good approvals ! :slight_smile: you’re doing a good job! :smiley:
good luck

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Thank you for the effort :slight_smile:

This track gave me “cognitive dissonance”. If not for the Intro with the “dramatic motive”. track would be OK. I think so. :wink: The track must keep one mood from beginning to end. if the client will need changing mood in one project , he will do it with multiple tracks. Good luck.

I think the reason for rejection might be the whistle thing. Try soloing piano and arrange only piano with strings may be. The overall piano sounds amazing. Good luck.

thank you :slight_smile:

I had intension from begining to make song start sad,and develop to happy tune,while I was composing I had in mind cartoon character being sad,but decides to move on…idk,anyway thank youfo the comment,time and effort

you are Welcome!