Please help with this does not contain a valid theme: missing template "layout/theme.liquid"

Hey All,

i just bought the Wokiee theme and tried to upload it to my shopify store after zipping the file and and selecting the wokiee_v1.1 but still wont work, i bought this theme for Shopify i dont know why on the file it says ‘Pristashop’

any once can help with this Please

Best regards :slight_smile:


there are multiple versions - be sure you have purchased the correct Shopify one

Hey charlie

thank you very much for your reply

yes you are right, by mistake I purchased the Prestashop one instead of the Shopify wokiee theme, is there a way I can get the correct file to download, is there a way to fix this

Best Regards

You’d need to contact the author and ask them