Just purchased Wookiie them and it wont upload

I just purchased the theme and getting lots of errors when I try to upload the my Shopify store. It took a long long time to find this, so I am hoping someone here can help. I cant find a way to share the image of the error.



ask your question about your purchase theme with that item author @p-themes right here as a comments


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You must extract download package and upload Wookie theme file inside :slight_smile:

What does the error say?

As @The4 said you need to make sure what you are trying to install is only the theme and not the entire download

Also check that it is definitely the shopify version of the item and not a different format

Exactly what I said because I see this question everyday. Many customers think only need upload the download package from ThemeForest, but the file should be zip file inside after extract download package. :slight_smile: