Wokiee theme stop working

Hello, i use Wokiee 2-2-1 theme on shopify. The theme stopped uploading product photos, all images, etc. Without a reason. Please help what is going on? Photo - 5-C40581-A-67-D3-4023-830-C-A3371-CCCC0-CF hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB

Very thanks for help

This looks like a technical issue that the author of the theme @p-themes may need to assist with. I recommend reaching out to them from their support area here:

Edit: It looks like you’re not using the latest version of the theme. Please update to the latest version first, and then contact the author using the link below if the issue persists.

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I downloaded the latest version of the theme, but do I have to create everything again? A lot of work was done and now everything has to be created anew… Is it possible to avoid creating the my website not from the beginning…?

I’ve never worked with that theme (or Shopify itself for that matter) so I can’t give specific advice. However, the latest version 2.3 was released a week or so ago, and claims to fix issues related to Shopify’s minification.

Given the timing on that, it may in fact be your issue, but if the update process is troublesome then you may wish to confirm with the author first.

The theme’s documentation seems to offer two different ways to update the theme and to preserve your existing data, but unfortunately neither of them seem very fun: Wokiee - Documentation

If in doubt, contact the author first, as they know their theme best and can pinpoint what’s going wrong with your website.

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