Please help with Payoneer / annual fee.


Hello friends
I recently received a payment from Envato
They took twice 29.95$ for annual fee ?
1 Annual fee February 2016 to January 2017 $29.95
2 Annual fee$29.95
Total 60$
I’ve had the payoneer acount for about 6 months!
Is this a mistake, or is it just that everyone involved wants to rip us of for the ‘drops’ we make!?
And by the way they didn’t reply for 3 days to my complaint.


all is ok.
copy and paste from Payoneer - “Annual Account Maintenance $29.95 Per year From available balance - each year”

NOT from the DAY you created an account - for EACH year you are using it. you created account in 2015, now 2016 - 2 years - double fees.

unfair but its true.


Thanks for the reply Denis bro.
but they’ve contacted me. It was a mistake and they refunded me the other 29.90 dollars and also some other monthly fee. Idk what was wrong but they politely replied. I just hope those kind of things wont happen again.


Don’t worry about Payoneer, for the last 6 years i don’t have any complaints for their services.


Are you saying they are safe & secure?


I have never heard or paid anything like annual fee for PAYONEER.


:slight_smile: don’t worry they are safe and secure. Why do you asking? Why do you not trust to them?


Well i payed annual fee twice but the revoked one of them. So based to my knowledge now they pay 29.90$ for a year.


Your card was charged 2x by the system. Annual fees are normal for the Payoneer:


Yeah that’s what I’m saying. But in my case there were two annual fees…but it was a mistake and they refunded me.