Please help - what should be improved in this track?

Hi everyone!
Really need your advice - what should I improve in this track?
I’m new here & received hard rejection on previous one, so could you share with me, what do you think 'bout this?

Huge thanks for your time!!!

I thins track may be reject because of not aj format. I mean that arrange and mix may be fine, but aj search for another tracks. Music here has some standards and i will recommend you to listen more music in same styles here to understand what kind of track and what sounding aj is needed. Just try to make the same sounding. It will take some time… everybody 's here has already got a thousands of rejections. :slight_smile: Keep it up! You will achieve an approve . Best regards!

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Thank you a lot!
I’ll follow your advice!
Kind regards :blush:

Mix could be more powerfull and alive! use compressors and limiters. Use more effects like delay and reverb to make things more magical and alive. strings are pretty fake, when using real instruments watch out not to sound fake!

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Thank you a lot for your time & advice!