Please help, not sure why this was rejected and was told I can't resubmit

Please help, and also wondering, if I fix what needs fixed, why can’t I resubmit ?

Thank you

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Hi @TCBeatz, I think a major reason would be the piano line - it’s pretty complex and moves a lot. Corporate music tends to have one or two simple strong melodies so that any narration/voice over isn’t competing with the music. Space is important as well, because it gives the end user options to edit with and the moving piano line (while very nice) is probably too busy to achieve that. Good luck with your future submissions!

the move is very smooth. and the piano sound makes me feel comfortable and attractive. it is like a pop music and can match with lyrics!!!
but in the middle, personally, I think it is quite similar with the start. :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:

and I love the drum beatting ~!!!

Hey, TC! Nice track! If I had to take a stab at why it was rejected, I would say it’s all down to the mix/production here. The whole track sounds really squashed together. It sounds like it’s totally mono, and there is just no space for any of your instruments to breathe. Make sure you are A/Bing your track against someone else’s that is in a similar style when mixing, it can help with finding some of the places that need fixing.

As far as I am aware, if it says ‘Can not resubmit’, it means that you can’t resubmit without a significant overhaul to the track.

Best of luck!