Please help me with my website

Hi everyone!
I’ve created a website template and wanted to upload it on ThemeForest. At first I got feedback with “soft reject” from a reviewer that I need to fix some moments. I did all they wanted, resubmitted the item and got feedback with new issues. That was repeated several times and when all the issues were fixed, they sent me a letter in which they wrote that my website wasn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and I wouldn’t be able to re-submit this item again. They advised to ask ThemeForest community. So I’d be really glad if you find some time to check my website and leave a feedback. Probably it will help me to understand what I should to improve. Here is the URL -
Thanks in advance!

Wow, the issues surely aren’t design. The reviewers usually give more specific feedback, what did they say on the changes prior to hard rejection?

In the previous rejection they said that the URL wasn’t working, but it’s strange because everyone could enter the website using that URL. So I decided to install SSL certificate. And after that they made hard rejection without saying what was wrong