please help me, why again my new html template has been rejected by themeforest?

once again my new project which i create has been reject by themeforest.


please guys help me what should i do ?. here are below comments which is send by themeforest.

[ThemeForest] Your item, Aabhyash - Corporate Multi Purpose Business Template., has been rejected.

Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “Aabhyash - Corporate Multi Purpose Business Template.” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

We appreciate the effort and time you’ve put into creating your item. And we’d be happy to help make sure your next entry will meet our submission requirements. Here’s our advice:

Visit our forums and ask fellow authors for feedback. Our helpful community will be glad to lend a hand.

Check out this Help Center article to understand why and how items get rejected.

Remember you can get help, in the form of tutorials or skilled professionals, on Envato Tuts+ and Envato Studio.

We hope to see a new submission from you soon!

All the best!

Envato Quality team

Still have questions? Contact our Help Center.

Hello, @tyagiamit32


  • Takes lots of time to loads the page

  • It has page size 10MB+

  • Too many Animations use everywhere

  • I really don’t like Button hover Animation

  • The section needs to improve - Portfolio, Team, Skills, Instagram, Get in Touch - It seems like less useful for users - Add some features there. Like in portfolio add category filter, In Instagram section - give it full container-fluid & touch it down to Footer. In Getintouch section do add focus in input textbox & design the whole form in Vertical way instead of horizontal etc…

Small things

  • Give title font weight 300
  • title margin bottom 80px
  • Instead of Font Awesome use some thin fonts - like feather icons
  • CSS code also needs improvements - Define style globally instead of section wise.

This is my quick go through. I’m not highlight all things in details.

Hope it will help you in future submission.

If you are going to steal other peoples’ work you could at least have the respect to take their details out of it!!

This is disgusting behaviour, not to mention a compete waste of your own, the reviewer, and other authors’ time.

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And it is not the first time

@charlie4282 can you flag these threads for someone to ban this user from Envato?

And @tyagiamit32 please go find a honest job.

Yup, Its totally copied product. @tyagiamit32 Please maintain your quality & Envato marketplace rules

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Your design was copied other item in marketplace themeforest. for so was hard rejected.