Please anyone can suggest why my template got rejected?

Demo link:

I got a mail from Envato Market saying this item is rejected and I won’t be able to submit this item again!!

What might be the cause of rejection?
What should be my next step to make it accepted?

Please assist!!


Interesting concept, but the typography could be improved.
However your code is a total mess. How do you expect anyone will be able to customize that?

Hi @LSVRthemes

Please can you explain what do you mean by “code is total mess”, is it lack of comments or is it because of lots of lines?

It is a single page template and has many sections so code is big in overall manner so what can I do to improve it?


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Yes, Your code is total mess. Please rearrange your code and make it look clean, nice and beautiful.

Use tab to decorate your code nicely. Make comments in every sections. And give some space after finishing the sections.

After that, try again, Hopely it’ll be accepted next time.

Lack of comments, indentation and basically lack of any meaningful structure. It looks like it was generated by some page builder and not a person. How do you even make any sense of it yourself?

This is your code:

Here is the code of one of mine templates as an example:

(that template is five years old I mind you)

Do you see the difference?

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That’s looks so great and customizable. @webslake, Update your code and make it like his.

@LSVRthemes @WP_NR Thank you for your comments :slight_smile:

I guess you are viewing the source code in the browser and it is minified(not mess), I am using CloudFlare CDN which is minifying html,css and js files.

You can see below line at end of the source code:

Below is the screenshot of the original code that I submitted for review:

If you see the CSS code it will be minified also but what I submitted was a well commented code:

Thanks for taking time to answer my question.

Right, that makes sense. It is not common for new authors to go such lengths to incorporate caching/minifying to their templates, so I haven’t even though about this possibility. This code is alright of course. In that case just focus on the design aspect, especially the typography. That can make a huge difference.

what’s kind of rejection did you get? Hard or soft rejection?

You do not understand the market trend. Compare your work in terms of design and aesthetics with the latest accepted items. Put this idea aside and then start reviewing and fully understanding the market for a new idea.
This idea reminded me of my first rejected item. And I’m no longer surprised that those item have been rejected.
I spent some time studying UX and UI, and now I feel satisfied with the result.
Good luck!

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Thanks for the motivation… :heart_eyes: :innocent:

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@Nexiss Thank you for your words!!

I will focus on UX and UI also to make my next product :slight_smile:

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I don’t agree with any of the suggestions above.

  1. You’re not supposed to care about the aesthetics of the markup… You’re supposed to make it efficient, small and easily customizable (that doesn’t mean it has to look good). Google chrome’s developer tools is good enough to figure out and modify any kind of ugly markup in matter of minutes.

  2. Following the trend kills innovation, this shouldn’t be suggested. He has his own style, and it makes it special. I personally hate it that most themes look the same on envato, I would love a bit of variety.

Now the bad part is, that their approval system doesn’t make much sense. I got items rejected that looked better than many of the approved ones. Better yet, it’s common for them to hard reject, instead of motivating to improve it. And it’s also probably based on luck a bit, depends on who approves is.

Personally I like it, just don’t like that it’s windowed, but then again it’s my personal view.
I’d suggest to just give it your best to gather some suggestions and try re-uploading, (sometimes they might accept it the 2nd time without any changes), but if not, then upload it on competitor sites and move on to the next project.

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Of course you are supposed to care about the aesthetics of the code. This is a HTML template, someone is going to edit it. Point is not to make it “look good”, point is to make it easy to read which will eventually lead to the code looking good (which is of course highly subjective).

But OP’s code is fine in this aspect so there is no point arguing about it any further. He just need to improve his design skills and he will make it. There is certainly a potential.

@Nexiss Again my new theme again got hard rejected:

I think it was better than previous one.

I got a mail saying “we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.”

Now what could be the issue?

The first one was way better. I’d focus on one at a time and take constructive feedback a way to get things right. Giving up and moving on straight away after one or two rejections is not the right way to submit items here.

On this one.

  • The typography is really not great esp. hierarchy and font choices

  • The contact section feels unfinished and the email address looks lost

  • I don’t understand why people include blog previews with no post page

  • The portfolio could be much better with item pages

  • With respect it feels quit freebie-ish and rushed as it is

@charlie4282 Thank you for your feedback … I will not give up.

I will come up with better product next time.

Thanks again

I am sorry but this is a HUGE step down from your first submission. You came from somewhat unique but maybe bit unpolished design to the most generic design I’ve seen in a while. Take a look at recent top creative themes and compare it to your designs. If you feel more like a developer, then I highly recommend to find yourself a great designer. Because getting your skill to such levels can easily take months of very serious dedication.

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@LSVRthemes Thank you for your kind words. Yeah I definitely need a designer.