please help me check my flyer before submit graphicriver

Hi to all:

please help me check my flyer before submit graphicriver, thanks.



Your flyer doesn’t look bad at all. I like it.
But you need to work more on it to refine it.

  1. The girl illustration it’s yours? It is included in download? I asked because looks in low resolution. If you just found the image on internet and you don’t include it in download it is hard for buyers to find something similar to replace.

  2. You need to work a little bit more on typo hierarchy.

  • The date is too large and to visible compared with the main title.
  • Bottom text needs to be smaller
  • DJ section needs to be a little larger (maybe use that red box under DJ line.)
  • Use a condensed type for all info text
  1. The main title needs to be treat somehow similar like illustration. Maybe add some outlines over it (like the lines on the girl’s shoulder) and the red should be the same red from the roses.

  2. Delete that lens flares.

  3. For the background use some watercolor textures.

i download the model of flyer in but i will add link download in graphicriver and use placeholder.

i not understand it, please again explain

i not understand again…

EYE: I not speak very good english 100% please again explain thanks

Check the licence on Freepik. Some illustrations are free for commercial use and you can include it.

As for the Hierarchy:

Typographic hierarchy is a system for organizing type that establishes an order of importance within the data, allowing the reader to easily find what they are looking for and navigate the content. It helps guide the reader’s eye to read the flyer, whilst enabling the user to isolate certain information based on the consistent use of style throughout a text.

This is the hierarchy order in your flyer

  1. First is title that needs to be the most visible.
  2. Second is the The DJ line
  3. The rest of text comes on 3rd place

This is a condensed font

i have account premium licence comercial and free use.

i not understand sorry, but i understand fix the date more small typography

Womens’s Day it is your title. As it is right now the word “Day” it is not visible from distance.

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many thanks :slight_smile:

Welcome :slight_smile:


I am not sure ready my flyer, please again help me many thanks.

or here:


hi Jeri, do u have the right to use the drawing, is it yours? otherwise the hierarchy is not bad , except when it comes to the club name that is not valued, the footer is too simple in my view and nothing is popping out, it looks sort of a bit piled so to speak … The central one is not bad

Do something like this. I can give you this one if you like.


The image has licence for commercial use

Many thanks I try make good flyer like as your flyer :slight_smile: regards.

Give me your email address to send you psd file for this one.

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I already submit you private msg :slight_smile:

I just sent you the flyer

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