Please help me better understand this message from the reviewer

I recently uploaded for review a video under the motion graphics category.

The watermarked video clip can be found here:

Inside the .zip archive i have provided a single full HD .mp4 file with the above animation.

The message that I got from the reviewer was this: “Please be aware that videos can be submitted together and offered in a pack format but videos most be provided in separate .mov clips within one .zip file.”

Please help me better understand what he meant as this is my first time uploading stock footage/motion graphics clips.

Does he want me to upload the top view, glitch and the front view of this animation in separate .mov files? Did I do wrong by putting all those shots into a single file? Or do I just need to change the format to be .mov ?

Thank you for taking the time in reading this and have a great weekend.

Looks like you just need to separate them. So each view - different video file.

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great, thanks a lot!

yes two video files in one zip file

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Thank you all for the replies and suggestions. I managed to fix the issue and get the item approved.

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That is great to hear! Good luck with more uploads!