Please help!!! Can developer steal my PHP script that I have paid a license fee for!!!!


I have a PHP script that needs to be updated but I need to keep the customisations. I am a novice and would like to know the best way I can protect my website being copied for free and the author who designed the website not having their hard work cloned for free, that’s why we have to pay for licences.

1). Can you suggest technically ways I can have my update done and keep my customisations?

2). I am not sure whether this way they will mean they will have a copy of my website and will be able to clone it for free from me. Can you tell me?

Below is what the developer said to me:

" **We will copy the complete source code of website and then fetch the updates from the link of script you will provide us. **
After that we would compare the codes and make your changes available to your new updates. We have a test server with us and we will show you our work over there. Then you can confirm the update and customisation is done to your satisfaction "

What the developer suggests sounds reasonable. As a developer, I would do the same.

Hello thank you so much for your reply. Will they be able to clone my website with all of the source codes that I have paid a licence for?
Do you know if I have to tell them what the customisations are or do they have software that would easily point out the areas where there is extra code?

  • I’d be happy for any input, don’t worry if you can’t answer all of the questions in my reply. I really appreciate it :relaxed:


The developer himself will try to figure it out. The first step is to create a full backup. Yes, this means that the developer will have an exact copy of all your code and site. This is normal practice. Creating backups and copies for development does not violate any licenses, at least I have not seen such licenses that would prohibit this.

Having a complete copy of the website gives the developer several options. First of all, he can easily edit, update and change the code without worrying that something will go wrong. After all, now he can always return to the site’s original state. He has a backup.

Another option is to compare the old code with the new code, say after an update. This is done by special programs that highlight the differences in a convenient form. Something like this:

All this helps the developer understand what needs to be corrected.

In any case, you should not worry about how the developer will do something, but about whether his qualifications are enough. If this is an experienced programmer or team, then they will not make it worse :slight_smile:

Hello 42theme

Your ADVICE IS PRICELESS.!!! Thank you so much for being so kind to take the time out to answer my questions. This is a whole new territory for me and its great to communicate! I really appreciate the graph etc. you really took your time to explain exactly what I was wondering about. You have no idea how this has helped me. Thank you from London :slight_smile: :hugs:

Hey if you have your own studio please share the link :slight_smile:

I was glad to help.
No, we are not a studio, just an ordinary author on ThemeForest. There are thousands of us here :slight_smile: