Clients buying regular license, customizing it as per their need & then selling it to their customers.


I have found so many users who are purchasing regular license from code canyon, customizing some look of the application and selling it to customers at higher price. How can we stop this?

As long as they are only doing this for one client per license/purchase of the item then that would be within the license terms.

There are thousands of agencies, freelancers and others that use all of the marketplaces for this.

I don’t think we can do anything about that.

But just think about this , will you be able to sell your script to a business owner in india or some other part of the world directly?

its possible that a developer who stays near that business owner , sells the same script to him which you sell for 20$ for 200$. But isn’t 20$ better than 0 ?

However if someone is offering your script to multiple customers online by making modifications to your script then that’s a totally different story,

We should actively encourage it! As long as they’re buying one license per use, of course.

That is exactly the purpose of codecanyon.

A web firm will purchase my script and modify it for a clients needs. The client will pay them for this project (e.g. building a website).

I found one of my items spreading as a pirate copy for free. I wrote about it to Envato support. I do not know what they will do about it.

This is very unpleasant, you developing staff and someone still it. It is demotivating.

I have a thought. Software stealing has different popularity in different countries:

Maybe we should not do localization or any local API integration for this countries. If the will have complications using the program they may look for another alternative.

And if genuine customers have complications using the program, then will almost definitely look for another alternative.