legal questions / copyright

hi there

I am a freelancer and I would have some legal questions as follows:
Usually I buy the regular licences from themeforest, change the design and fit it to my customers need. So I know that I am only allowed to use 1 licence for 1 customer. But the copyright of the theme always rests by the developer.

How do you fix the contract with your customer? I mean, who has the right of use after buying the licence? Is it me or is it my customer?

Thanks a lot for your feedback :slight_smile:

Initially it’s you but you can transfer the license to the client (make sure you do not use it again and remove all copies etc from our system).

You cannot transfer the download ability of updated versions - this will only ever be possible from your account.

Thanks for your feedback.
What do you exactly mean with transfer the license? In this case do I have to get in contact with the developer to let them know that I bought the licence but it is for my customer?

As far as I know you only need to give the client the license code and make sure you remove it from your computer, domain etc.

Thx a lot!
So would you only write in your contract that you are responsible for the design and not for the coding?

Not sure I understand that.

I would definitely make any client aware that the site is based on a template or theme and that this couple potentially restrict option or future adjustments

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