Please friends Hard rejected, three consecutive!!!!

Hello, please help this is the third consecutive work who reject me. I 'm a little confused, not really thought this was going to be rejected template. I would like to give all possible opinions, help me to prevent this happening follow. I will appreciate it.

This is the template :

Thanks friends!!!

the square shape effect just sits on top of the image… it should alter it… with a color change or wave etc.
Basically it is just complexity, & image effects you need to add… There are a gazillion slide projects like this… a tough
market to compete in. You are almost there with it… so don’t give up…
I am dealing with yet another rejection myself…
kind regards…

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I appreciate this comment friend, and all the details that you showed me in my project. Now I see that I need for improvement. Thank you for taking the time to help, I hope you do well in your upcoming projects and you do not have more problems rejections.
Sincerely friend!!!

Hi Kryesof,

I think your project is good and It is ok for Envato. It is not easy to understand the criteria of the market to accept the template. I got the second rejected and I’m very sad about that.

Keep going with your work and I hope Envato team will accept you project!



Thank you very much friend AgonyDesign. Thanks for encouraging me to continue working. I am currently working on new projects, I hope to be accepted.

I wish you well, you do not have your templates more rejections .