Three consecutive rejections. Halp!

Hi guys! I have a problem. I got three consecutive rejection for these projects:

  1. Can’t give the link… (only two)

I do not know what to do. And why. I am beginning to give up.
Please help me, tell me what I’m doing wrong …

Hey CentaurMedia, I took a look at the templates you linked and I quite like them. The feel like an original take on lower thirds which could be of interest to a certain audience. I checked out your portfolio because I was intrigued to see what else you had created and noticed there is a lower thirds template you previously produced that has a similar visual and motion style. This may be why they got rejected as you have a existing project that is maybe too similar. Don’t give up though, we all take blows, maybe look for other design influences to mix up your style.

Okay… Thank you for support!