hard rejected 04.01.2017

Good evening. My work was rejected. Tell me, what’s wrong?

It’s pretty good, but there’s already quite a few watercolour and ink templates already on the site. Does it being anything new? Is it significantly different enough from the existing items to stand on its own as a unique item?

Good morning. Yes, it differs significantly from other works. What should I do to upload the work again?

Looks good to me , I guess but there is no variation in transitions . The same transitions seems repeated all over . May you can use some z position to bring some variations , that’s my 2 cents . Overall its a nice project.
Good luck

SGcreations, Thanks!

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One thing to note… I’m pretty sure you’re not allowed to use any Envato logos or trademarked elements within your forum or marketplace avatars. You might want to change that.

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Hello, first of all I would have to say that the travel distance between the scenes is a bit too fast and it travels a bit too much. You might want to position the scenes a bit closer and smooth the transition between them by tweaking the graph editor. Other than that I would use as a starting point a normal color correction theme (the way things look in normal life or as close to that as possible, while adding vignettes or noise and grain to make it look better without over-saturating the scene with one color). You can add different color correction themes as a bonus. Always try to look from a customer point of view, and what they would like to buy.

Have a nice day!