Please change the way user reviews work

First thing you see when you click “Reviews” tab, is the most recent reviews. A troll can literally type or post ANYTHING and this is the first thing the customers will see. It will stay there for 24h until you finally get a response from support team and have it removed, other times the review is so vague that you don’t even have a way to know what the hell is this person talking about or ask them for clarification

Certain users are using this very same flaw to put pressure to authors to get what they want. It has been used to pressure authors to add features that they don’t wan’t to add, and it has been used to push for refunds without valid reasons.

How this can be solved in my opinion?

Add a “Was this review helpful? Yes/No” then display the most helpful reviews at the top. Similar to how steam store handles reviews.

Giving less exposure to these trolls is the best way to deal with this. They will still impact the review score and can be seen when you scroll through the reviews, but their post won’t be at the front-page of your product each time they do.

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