Author to Customer Experience

So Im going to leave a messege and then leave proof here just incase the author trys to deny and or delete anything of my request to hide it or whatever, but im uber pissed at this point and already having to wait through this covid mess, especially in my state. Too begin…

The Author name (removed). He refused to get back to me the second time, refused the refund as requested because of how advanced it was to install this theme, mind you, he did help once, but after having to reinstall WordPress because i was forced to move to a newer server just to meet the themes requirements when 98% of these other themes didn’t have this much problems, then he even stated in the messege that I was trolling because I requested a refund.

At first I wanted to support him and his cause because of how nice he was, but when someone asks for a request as a customer, I was mistreated and accused which made me feel that he was not only unthankful I even though of wanting my website to use his product, but he never even messaged my back when I was trying to fix the problem the second time.

  • Was the theme worth the money? Yes
  • Was the installation easy to install? For me no, and spent more money to move servers and still had the same issue and then not that I had too, but because Elementor was required for the demo I wanted to use, I went ahead and also purchased Elementor Pro to take advantage of the theme itself.
  • Would I purchase any more themes from this Author? No because of the accusation
  • Would I recommend this Author to my fellow Bloggers? I would only mention his theme because it’s inspirational, that’s it…with a warning label
  • Is this a troll comment? Most defiantly not, this is because of the accusation that he made insisting I was trolling in the first place just because I requested a refund 1 time.
    Here is the conversation

I also noticed a couple of convo’s he had in the past were still das under review before it gets shown to the public in which Im guessing he gets to choose to show it or not or leave it under review so no one can see what the customer is saying, good or bad. My assumption, this is why Im making a post here so I too have proof, but I have screenshots to have my footprints in case I need to contact my lawyer which Im actually thinking about doing. Yes, over $40. I couldve used that money for food for my daughter during the pandemic at that time.

Thanks for understanding.

In the interests of clarity –

We removed the author-name:
a) because that is not the name of the theme and
b) because as per forum ToS we ask users not to call out authors, staff, items etc.

Regarding your issues –

It’s hard to offer advice without full visibility of the details, server issues etc.

I don’t feel like the author can be held responsible for the Elementor purchase unless they actively told you that it was required (FYI. This is not allowed on envato themes).

However, if you think there is a genuine issue with the item or that the author was out of line, then the best option would be to talk to envato support Envato Market Help and Support, who can address it, and potentially refund the item.

Unfortunately (having read the conversation), it doesn’t sound like you are being unreasonable, but there is also clearly further conversation that is not visible.


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I really do appreciate your outreach and will take your advise under consideration about this matter. Also, to clarify, there can never be a right without a wrong, I may have stirred the pot a tad bit out of anger, not meaning to take it out on the Author himself. And thank you for removing his name as at the time of the typing was not thinking about that. Again, thank you.