Changing review?

I just got lovely customer leaving a 2star review (complaining stuff doesnt work) and 5 minutes later asking for help. I’m wondering if he/she can still change review or once review is published they won’t be able to change it?

Don’t worry, he can change it at anytime he wants.

Thanks. Still super annoying :confused:

i personally think that would really make sense if people could handle things in the right order , that is to say , if they ever have a problem try to contact the concerned people and see with them without judging too hastily in some cases …

They don’t and thats the problem. I try to offer great support but getting slaped with review without even asking for help and then come wiggle the tail and beg to help is definitelly not the way to go. The most annoying part, I responded within less than an hour. No reply from user (same timezone) nor he/she changed the review. I won’t be surprised if he/she would get the support and leave the bad review. Very demotivating :frowning:

At this point, best thing is just to ignore such customers and move on as Envato also doesn’t do anything in such cases even when the author is right.

yes u are right that’s a possibility, besides , as for me, i tend to believe that this system has no legitimacy at all in the end . Let’s face it , how many of the satisfied customers have put a review for you when they were fully satisfied? and people who are not happy are the one u are the more likely to hear from as they will take the time to come up and complain about your items, services or whatever … (i have personally helped some people - three people needing some things that they could not handle of their own - after the sale and they have for example never given any review at all, when, when u do this u deserve a good review as u spend some time freely to help, sometimes even if this is not really legitimate …). I have fortunately never suffered from this bad review thing this far indeed but the fact of the matter is that , to illustrate what i was saying, i have 1032 sales and only 11 reviews … which basically means that all people are far away from being interested in posting a review, don’t want to spend some time to do this or whatever and in the end, this system turns out to be become a sanction one for people who are not happy and may guys are victim of this , even if people are being unfair in many cases, like when they forget to read the information and complain about something not being included whn this is clearly written and indicated …

that’s a wrong ting however … and something should be done … this system is worth the drive as long as anybody is fair, if not, it is meaningless …

Think you should have mentioned the issue you had with their rating when they first contacted you. You can still write a follow up email and this time mention the implications a 2 star rating has on your item. They probably do not know this :pensive:

I thought of doing that, but didn’t want to leave any review related message in support forum/section for the item. Just checked his profile it seems there is no way to contact user directly through user page (no contact form there).

The worst part it doesn’t seem that he/she even wants any help and I’m sitting like an idiot waiting to somehow resolve the issue.

Do any of you tried somehow encourage 5stars reviews? Like small notification inside wordpress plugin/themes; notes in product description; etc?

Googled username, found his site and confirmed my plugin is activated. Wondering why he even uses it if “it doesnt work” :confused:

Thought they had contacted you for support :wink:

Well, try not to invest too much time into this. It is just one of several ratings you will receive and fact is we have no control over the rating process :mask:

Not much you can do at the point but looking forward to better ratings and invest your time on positive customers who want to see you thrive because it means a better product for them in the long run! :+1:

User left a initial message on support forum (in broken english :D) but he’s not responding to any requests/suggestions.

I do care about reviews a lot since I don’t sell too many items and I don’t have that many reviews so I’m really affraid my sales could drop because of that…